Are you wondering if you can change your entire life with property investing?

Today I am going to share with you how ordinary hard-working people changed their lives for the better with property investing once they got somebody else to build a portfolio for them.

I meet thousands of people each year with the same story…

Hard-working people who have either never invested in property before or have started to invest in property for 5 to 10 years, they have 1 or 2 properties, and they know that property is the only guaranteed way to retire in 10 years or less. But between work, family and all their other commitments they haven’t made the progress that they wanted in their property journey. Does this sound like you?!

As a father of 5 I completely understand the challenge of juggling work, family and making sacrifices to build a property portfolio and right now is the best time to build a property portfolio in over a decade!

Therefore, I want to share with you what happened to 2 property investors that stopped beating themselves up about the slow growth in their property portfolio and what they did to give themselves a luxury retirement income in 10 years or less.


I would like to introduce you a guy called Perag. Perag is an everyday person, he’s a go-getter, he’s a successful guy and is a business coach.

He was so busy working hard he did start to try and invest in property and over a 10-year period Perag had built himself a portfolio of 3 properties. This shows he has taken some action, he has moved forward but nowhere near to give him financial freedom or where he really wanted to be.

He finally made the decision and knew he had to sort this. He’s so busy with work and his young family so he approached me and my business (The Insight Group) and our done for you service where we grow people successful property portfolios.

Now Perag had the equity, he had some savings, and we were able to take that and just explode it! He went within a year from 3 properties to 10 properties! That immediately gave him an increase in the money that he could release from his property portfolio. He was now on £60,000 a year; he could retire if he wanted too! He could live off that, or just simply work less.

However, Perag loves his work so he’s carrying on working but he actually used part of it to buy a dream home he never dreamed possible to get. He also uses some of it for amazing holidays and then he used the rest to reinvest to build his property portfolio even further. His portfolio is still continuing to grow and continuing to serve him.

So, Perag was just an every day person working hard with family commitments but understands that property is the right thing, but he was getting stuck, and it was taking too long. But he did the right thing and came to The Insight Group for help!


John & Sue

Now, let’s talk about a totally different story – John and Sue are very much an everyday couple.

When I first met them, they were on a joint income of £27,000 a year and they’ve lived of this for the last 20 years. They’ve got some equity in their residential property, but they’ve got no buy to let experience or knowledge at all. They have minimal savings; they are age 55 and they are staring down the barrel of state pension. Their mortgage is coming down over the years and the plan is in 12 years by the time they are 67 the mortgage will be paid, and they’ll be able to retire and live of state pension.

John and Sue come in and sit down with me and my team about 3 years ago. We have a really great conversation; they are explaining they need to do something different, but they’ve got no clue. Me and my team look at their finances and look at everything with them.

Within just 6 months their lives have changed… I am not talking a small way – I am talking dramatically changed!

We were able to go and look at what their residential mortgage was versus the value of the residential house, and it had equity in it. We were able to go to the bank and ask to release some equity, increase their borrowings, and take some money out to be able to put the money down as deposits buy to lets.

Within 6 months we’ve released £110,000 out from their residential property that they didn’t even know they could release!

We use that money, and we source and negotiate like crazy, sort all the solicitors and bought them 4 outstanding great cash flowing properties. Remember John and Sue have not put any of their own money into this, they’ve just moved equity from one to the other but now they have 4 buy to lets plus their own property.

Now these buy to lets are set up in such a way that the cash flow that they’re generating will cover the increased mortgage cost on the residential. It’s also covering all the mortgage payments for all 4 buy to lets, all their maintenance costs and agency fees. So, this all works without them, they can carry on with their normal life and this is just working without them in the background with my expert teams.

On top of all that, the profit that is coming out is about £1100 a month which is about £13,000 a year. Now if you remember at the start of this story John and Sue were on £27,000 a year joint income. So, they have increased their income by another £13,000 a year!

Remember when you increase your income, this is brand new money. This doesn’t have to go to paying your mortgage because you are already paying that with your original income. You can start to have fun with this money, or you can leave it and reinvest and grow the pot further even faster.

Guess where John and Sue will be at retirement stage? Remember originally, they were retiring on state pension with minimal savings…

John and Sue will be retiring with a portfolio of 12 properties, they’ll have rental profits coming in from those properties of £30,000 a year! Along with the equity releases they can take as well; they’ll be on the equivalent of £95,000 per annum when they retire – most of it tax free!

They’ve gone from a lifetime of £27,000 per annum to a £95,000 per annum at retirement point; triple their current situation!


These are just ordinary people just like you, that wanted to create a luxury retirement income and change their lives forever. If an everyday person like Perag, John and Sue can do this – you can definitely do this!

The simple decision these property investors took was just to decide for The Insight Group to help them develop a property portfolio. They knew they had to take action now and make the decision to take property seriously and get some help to get it done.

Author: Aran Curry